Forms For You!


EQ: How do Google Forms work and how can they streamline my work?


  • Sign-In (top right. Today’s topic is “Productivity/ Organizational Tools”
  • Take the Forms Pre-assessment
  • Click “See Previous Responses”
  • Consider what the group knows about Google Forms based on the data you see

Work Session:

Take a spin with Forms exploring these samples below. Fill them out and click “see previous response” so you can see what the data looks like. Pick one to edit for your own uses or plan one from scratch. Your choice.


Next Steps

  1. Log into Google.
  2. Locate your Drive.
  3. Click Create. 
  4. Scroll to Form Template
  5. Choose Savannah-Chatham County Templates
  6. Select Use This Template for one you’d like to edit.
  7. Otherwise click Create—> Form—->Add Item to build your own
  8. Listen for FAQs: Saving & Sharing.


Complete the following before you go.

  1. WRAPUP3Post Assessment. Check out the data now. Did we make any progress? Based on this, what should happen next time?
  2. Staff Feedback Form