Play Day

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Question of the day: “How can the use of digital tools improve teaching and learning in my class?” & “What role does professional development play in adapting to the changing classroom climate?”

Objective: Explore & Analyze how I could use digital tools to design effective instruction and assess the value of professional development in growing as an educator.

The Big Idea

To Do:

  1. Join the conversation at Today’s Meet. Give one word to describe how you feel about todays work group.
  2. Partner with someone teaches the same subject and has a lap top or smart phone or work alone.
  3. Click the appropriate link below to follow for your subject area.
  4. You’ll have 15-20 minutes to play. Be prepared to answer the question of the day when we regroup.
  5. Take this exit survey to let us know what you think about PD.


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Choose your discipline


Play Day for World Languages Teachers

Guidelines for your play day are:

  1. Foreign LanguagesRead the blurb about the tool before clicking it.
  2. Think before your click. Will this benefit your class?
  3. Explore 2-4 resources only. It’s easy to get over whelmed.
  4. Use Richard Burn’s Free Tools for Foreign Language Teachers to start exploring.

Bonus:  Here’s a free mini course for teachers that looks at the use technology to do the following. Come back to this if you’re interested.

  • Increase Time on Task
  • Create Context for Language Learning
  • Building Chunks & Scripts
  • Equalizing Input vs Intake

5. Vote below and then take the exit survey on the front page.

Play Day for Social Studies Teachers

Social Studies teachers have a ton of content to share with students. That said, here are some tools that might help students remember the stories of the times gone by.

1. Watch the video of how technology is changing classrooms

Social Studies

Choose between 2a or 2b. 2a points you to specific tools. 2b talks about how to use them.

2a.Read “4 Tech Tools to Bring History Alive with Primary Resources.”

2b. Scan this resource by Richard Burn. He’s a high school social studies teacher and has been publishing the very popular Blog Free Tech Tools for Teachers since 2008.


3. Consider one new way you plan to incorporate technology into the classroom for BYOT.

4. Vote below. Then complete the exit survey on the front page.

Play Day for Science

1. Let’s start by taking a look at 17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times. How does your class stack up? (5 mins)

2. Now check out Debra Addison’s blog post on the Challenges and Changes of her BYOT classroom. At least read the second paragraph so you can check out the tools she’s using and how she’s using them. Read on if you want to learn how she deals with the challenges of BYOT. (10 mins)

More time?  Check out these tools. Otherwise, take the survey at the bottom of this post. Then take the exit survey on the main page.

phetPhET has fantastic Science Simulations. This requires Java so may not be accessible on all devices. See screen shots here.



LabWriteLabWrite walks students through the experience writing a lab report from before they start the lab, while the collect the data, all the way until they submit it for grading.



Play Day For Fine Arts!

Art, Graphic and Band Teachers it’s time to Play!


Music teachers check out these Tools for Recording Music

Don’t forget to look at Incredibox.

  • Choose ONE you could use with students.
  • Be ready to share your idea.
  • Take the vote at the bottom of this page.
  • Take the exit survey on the main page.


Art Teachers check out these Tools for Art Teachers.

Build inspiration boards on Pinterest. Watch out, it’s addicting!

  • Choose ONE to use withstudents.
  • Be ready to share your idea.
  • Take the vote at the bottom of this page.
  • Take the exit survey on the main page.

Play Day for Special Education Teachers

Special Education Teachers deal with a wide range challenges. Think about your students as you make your way through the list.cloudpoll

  1. Explore these tools.
  2. Decide if any would benefit your students.
  3. Be ready to share.  If you can’t find one on the list. What type of technology would benefit your students?
  4. More time?  Check out the impact of iPads on autistic children in this 60 minutes story.
  5. Take the poll.
  6. Return to the main page. Take the exit survey.

Play Day for ELA

ELA teachers spend a huge chunk of time reading and responding to student work, as well as teaching student how to think critically about what they read. This activity is about thinking how you can leverage the collective intelligence of your students to engage them in a learning community.  Last year I got to experience first hand how a collaborative learning platform impact the experience of a student. Even though the content was dry, its was hands down the best class I’ve ever taken. The facilitator designed an environment were we sought and got quality feedback from our peers. She probed our thinking. But the lions share of the work was on us and I learned a tremendous amount from the other participants.

As we move forward, you should be considering what kind of management system you will use to create this blended environment.

1. Check out a 2 min overview of Collaborize Classroom.

Here’s how Catlin Tucker, a 9th-10th grade English teacher uses Collaborate to help students develop essays in her class.

“…I use my site (Collaborize) for creative and formal writing all the time. I like to use media (bizarre pictures or interesting videos) to inspire creative writing on a variety of topics. I create a Vote or Suggest question type and embed the media, then ask students to post their story or poem. After everyone has submitted their creative piece, I ask them to vote for their favorite story. It has been so fun and validating for them. I can tell they put much more effort into their work because they know their peers will be reading them, replying to each other and voting for their favorites.

When we work on a process paper for a formal essay topic, I ask them to post parts of their essay for peer review. One night I will ask them to post their introduction with hook and thesis for peer feedback. Then I have them select their strongest example of a quote with analysis to share since so many of them struggle with analyzing. I will also post feedback if the class does not catch and error, but it makes my job so much easier since they do a great job of providing each other with constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement (especially after we practiced a few times).”

2. Brainstorming for ELA is a must. Check out these two. How could you use these in class? Discuss with a colleague.


  • This one is for one users.
  • Create an account after your finished.



  • Popplet
  • Invite others to collaborate
  • Accepts multimedia


3. Have more time? Checkout Paper Rater and other Tools for ELA.

4. Vote and head back to the main page to take the exit survey.