BYOT Protocol Preview

Essential Questions:

  • What should be covered in the school personal device protocol?
  • What minimum issues should be addressed in classroom procedures?
  • What does the teacher survey look like?
  • What will the student survey look like?



  • Review your submissions for assignments 1+2 on Edmodo.
  • Choose one section of  Proposed School Protocol to review. Make suggestions for the protocol as needed
  • Jigsaw information on the School Protocol

Work Session:

  1. Preview Teacher Survey (Assignment 3). Make comments and or suggestions.
  2. Preview BYOT Student Survey. Make comments or suggestions.
  3. Share ideas for classroom procedures, digital citizenship lessons, using digital tools.
  4. Plan for students to work in pairs or small groups.
  5. Try to access student survey from a cell phone.



Write one new idea or clarification and any questions or concerns you still have.


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