Play Day

Welcome! Please sign-in (today’s topic is BYOT)

Question of the day: “How can the use of digital tools improve teaching and learning in my class?” & “What role does professional development play in adapting to the changing classroom climate?”

Objective: Explore & Analyze how I could use digital tools to design effective instruction and assess the value of professional development in growing as an educator.

The Big Idea

To Do:

  1. Join the conversation at Today’s Meet. Give one word to describe how you feel about todays work group.
  2. Partner with someone teaches the same subject and has a lap top or smart phone or work alone.
  3. Click the appropriate link below to follow for your subject area.
  4. You’ll have 15-20 minutes to play. Be prepared to answer the question of the day when we regroup.
  5. Take this exit survey to let us know what you think about PD.


Let's Play 2013-02-10 at 9.03.54 AM

Choose your discipline


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