Play Day for Science

1. Let’s start by taking a look at 17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times. How does your class stack up? (5 mins)

2. Now check out Debra Addison’s blog post on the Challenges and Changes of her BYOT classroom. At least read the second paragraph so you can check out the tools she’s using and how she’s using them. Read on if you want to learn how she deals with the challenges of BYOT. (10 mins)

More time?  Check out these tools. Otherwise, take the survey at the bottom of this post. Then take the exit survey on the main page.

phetPhET has fantastic Science Simulations. This requires Java so may not be accessible on all devices. See screen shots here.



LabWriteLabWrite walks students through the experience writing a lab report from before they start the lab, while the collect the data, all the way until they submit it for grading.




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