Play Day For P.E.

One of the reasons we love technology is that it often makes our lives EASIER. The purpose of this activity is just to get you thinking about what’s possible.  Be prepared for information overload, but your just looking for ONE tool to use with your students. Also, if you don’t have a smart phone–think about this as an opportunity to consider why you might want one.

As PE teachers, let’s explore how technology can change your classroom in two ways.  Mr. Robbo, The P.E. Geek from Melbourne will be our guide. His blog is extremely interesting, so you might consider following him.
article-new_ehow_images_a08_89_52_can-certification-teach-physical-education-800x8001. First, explore apps that can help you manage class–Apps for P.E. (5 mins)

2. Check out Mr. Robbo’s posts on Physical Education so you can get a feel for his blog. Scroll down 5 posts until you find Better Together. Read how he put together his presentation and check out the slide show. Grab ONE idea you might feel comfortable adopting in your classes. (10 mins) Have Fun!


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