Play Day for Math

Look at the image. Is your classroom student centered or teacher centered?


Let’s take a look at how technology enables students centered learning in math.Please read all the instructions before getting started.

  1. Consider one skill you will be teaching in Math this week. Find a video that teaches this concept. Try one of these resources: Khan Academy or YouTube. (5 mins)
  2. Discuss with colleagues how students could use the videos to explore, summarize, and critically think about the process. (5 mins)

Examples: One activity I did with my students was to have them analyze process of the skill, create a sequence maps to show each step of and operation, summarize in writing was happening in each step using academic vocabulary, and then collaborate with each other to see if they came  up with the same number of step and description. If I was doing this today, I might ask them to screen shot each step, and use and interactive sequence map to organize the photos and write their description. How could you use these videos use higher order thinking skills (analyze, evaluate, synthesize)?

4. See how Khan Academy changes the teachers role this classroom. (5 minutes)

5. Navigate back to the main page. Take the survey and prepare to share your thoughts.



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