Visualizing the Bring Your Own Device Classroom

Today we’re going to touch base and then choose the adventure you see most fit for you. Here’s what we’ll do.


1. Sign in—Today’s topic is BYOT.

2. Take the Survey–Where are we Jenkins? You’ll need to login to your Google Account. Use you SCCPSS email and see me for the password.

3. Watch the two videos below.

4. Discuss BYOT launch.

5. Choose what you need to do next.

  • Assignment 2 (Choose a lesson for digital citizenship. Turn your idea into Edmodo. Here are some resources & videos to kick your lesson off.
  • See what activities apply to my subject area.
  • Plan for Assignment 3–using the tools. Explore this site or reference the tools in your Assignment 3.
  • See what BYOT looks like in action

6. Please give your feedback to today’s session.


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