Tech Tools for High School Mathies

Here are a few resources that might help your student and you crunch those numbers.

Tech Integration MatrixStart by exploring this technology matrix that shows evolution of lessons from entry level to transformation. Click the boxes to see specific lesson ideas in each column.


DesmosDesmos describes itself as the next generation of graphing calculator, web-based, and free. Visualize multiple representations, share, and save. See where imagination will take you. ____________________________________________________________________________________

AssistmentsAssistments spirals on students learning and gives them feedback while they work. It also gives immediate feedback to teachers, immediately scoring how the class did on homework from the night before. Problems sets are pre-built but you can edit or build your own. Best of all it’s free ! Make sure you watch the video so you hear teachers talk how they’re using it in their classrooms. Here’s what they say



Math Interactives covers numbers, patterns & relationships, shape and space, and statistics and probability. These interactives start by putting the application in a real world context, providing interactive practice, a summary of the lesson, a print activities.


egfiEngineering, Go For it! is dedicated to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Browse lessons, class activities, and programs for your grade level. Students will the see real world application of their math skills when their asked to design a super dome, build an earthquake proof structure, or decode number patterns like computers do.


Yummy MathYummy Math gives you real world problems to start the day off. Why not let your students choose a problem that appeals to them? Or break students into team and have them work together to solve a problem another team picks. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Math Interactives

blocksSee Catlin Tucker’s ideas for tools and activities that help teach Common Core Math. These tools ask students to collaborate, debate, create diagrams, flowcharts and models. She also offers suggestions for creative presentations and group discussion that get everyone talking. ______________________________________________________________________________________

National Library of Virtual ManipulativesThe National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has modules, tracking tools, adaptions tools, and collaboration tools.  Check out what they have to offer for algebra, geometry, measurement, or data analysis & probability.

Similarly Illuminations also offers interactive tool for teaching math.


CoolCats 89 Ideas for teaching math with technology


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