Preparing For BYOT Launch Day

Today’s Objective: Come together as a staff to plan and prepare for a successful BYOT relaunch.

YouAreHereHere’s Today’s Agenda

1. Sign In (Today’s Topic is Planning/Organization Tools: We will be using Google Drive for collaborative planning).

2. Access our folder by Signing Into Google (, See me for passwords). Reset your password. If not accessible, use


Ideas3. Complete the BYOT Readiness Survey. Review results. Alternatively, review results by click “Responses” from the menu choices, then “Summary of Responses” from the “Islands” folder.

4. Break into group based based on the topic you identified in the survey to work on BYOT Rollout Logistics. Please clarify each persons role before getting started. Your goal is to discuss and answer the three questions so we can create common expectations and standards for the BYOT adventure at Islands High School.

5. Please give your feedback to today’s session.



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