Where Are You Windsor?

WordPress-question-competitionEssential Question Anyone?

  • Why does BYOT matter to me?
  • What’s the difference between Edmodo and Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)?
  • What are some solutions to the major concerns with BYOT?



Let’s get ready to list all major concerns, one at a time, with Bring Your Own Technology. We’ll brainstorm our ideas using Today’s Meet. Find your wall below. Enter your name(s) and start brainstorming.  Select “say” when you’re ready to post. Post as many as you can think of.

1st Period         2nd Period       3rd Period           6th Period          7th Period

Work Session

Wall WisherThe dialoge about the challenges with BYOT has kicked off and its time to shift into 2nd gear. A strong classroom management plan can negate many of these concerns. We’ll use Wall Wisher to come up with collective solutions to these issues. Here’s how.

  1. Choose someone else’s concerns from Today’s Meet you think you can find policy solutions to
  2. Click on your Wall Wisher below.  Double click to claim your writing space and write your name(s).
  3. List the issue you choose (see my example) and below that list 3-5 classroom management strategies that proactively address this problem.
  4. Move your box if you need to to make sure all collaborators can see you work and you can see theirs.

WallWisher 1            WallWisher 2           WallWisher 3           WallWisher 6           WallWisher 7


WRAPUP3Check out your co-workers ideas. Use these to create your own class management plan. Your plan should incorporate anything you’re concerned about i.e. stealing, equity, appropriate use, define appropriate sites, etc. Turn in to Edmodo today.

Use your Today’s Meet page above to list any concerns with the accessing the BYOT course (can’t log in, need to know how to turn assignments in, etc.)


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