Scales of Student Engagement


Today we are discussing levels of student engagement, characteristics of engagement, and design and that leads to engagement.  Let’s use Today’s Meet to reflect on our own experiences being engaged.  List feelings or characteristics that describe you when you’re really engaged. Generate as many ideas as come to mind and hit submit each time. See how many contributions you can make. You have 2 minutes. Go!

Beach 6th Period                 Beach 7th Period

Wall WisherNow let’s use Wall Wisher to brainstorm engagement levels, characteristics, and teacher implemented strategies to guide students to engagement. Please list at least 3 examples for both section. Click the link to see the example.

Wall Wisher 5th Period     Wall Wisher 6th Period            Wall Wisher 7th Period


Let’s wrap-up by using Today’s Meet to gather ideas all together and summarize. Join the conversation by listing two strategies teachers can implement in design or during class that lead to student engagement.

Today’s Meet–Engagement


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