BYOT for ELA Classrooms

Review these tools. Are their any that would support a lesson this week?

CrocDocsCrocodoc can be used to highlight and comment on critical components of written text. Crocdoc can be used for peer editing or to give feedback on students writing.  Share anywhere. Features include: Strike through, annotate, highlighting, pen tool, comment, text type, and draw. Check it out. ______________________________________________________________________


Paper RaterHave all your dreams come true with Paper Rater?  Let’s see, it checks word choice, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, plagiarism, and more. Does this free you from grading papers? No but it does mean your students have a couple of places to run their work through before it gets to you. Won’t they learn the concepts deeper if they have to fix the marks as they come up? For teachers or students.


A new twist on the age old dictionary. Visuword connect words visually, according to their semantic relationships, with this playful dictionary. Visuwords™ produces an interactive node graph network that helps students see the function of the word and the word family.


webCheck out these Interactive Graphic Organizers from Holt. No signup necessary. Just pick your organizer. Fill it in and Save to the desktop. Easy as 1,2,3.  Or check out the options from Read, Write, Think. 




ExploratreeExploreatree gives your students real editing power over their mind map. Very cool and they are so fun to use. Your students will love these. Sign up to save your work or take a screen shot when your done.





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