Digital Learning Logs

Welcome! Today we’re building your online portfolio. Follow the instructions below.


  1. Sign-in. Your instructor is Gillian Rile& Jennifer Turner. For today’s topic select “Other” and type in “Websites”
  2. Take the Pre-Website Survey.
  3. Create your account or log in at
  4. Use these resources to find video, photo, and link to add to today’s Digital Citizen post.
  5. Register your site here.
  6. Take the Post-Website Survey.

Forms For You!


EQ: How do Google Forms work and how can they streamline my work?


  • Sign-In (top right. Today’s topic is “Productivity/ Organizational Tools”
  • Take the Forms Pre-assessment
  • Click “See Previous Responses”
  • Consider what the group knows about Google Forms based on the data you see

Work Session:

Take a spin with Forms exploring these samples below. Fill them out and click “see previous response” so you can see what the data looks like. Pick one to edit for your own uses or plan one from scratch. Your choice.


Next Steps

  1. Log into Google.
  2. Locate your Drive.
  3. Click Create. 
  4. Scroll to Form Template
  5. Choose Savannah-Chatham County Templates
  6. Select Use This Template for one you’d like to edit.
  7. Otherwise click Create—> Form—->Add Item to build your own
  8. Listen for FAQs: Saving & Sharing.


Complete the following before you go.

  1. WRAPUP3Post Assessment. Check out the data now. Did we make any progress? Based on this, what should happen next time?
  2. Staff Feedback Form

BYOD Trial Run Agenda

Essential Questions: What does SCCPSS’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy mean for me?

NETS Standards for Students:

  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts


1st-3rd Period

4th Period

  1. BYOD Expectations Video New Opportunities–Bring Your Own Device To School 1:43 mins
  2. Locate  BYOD FAQs 

Digital Citizen Lessons

Question “What does it mean to be a digital citizen?”

  • Digital Citizenship Lesson
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans


  • surveyPartner for Students Survey. Type URL  to get there. 


Teacher Resources

Teacher  Reflection

  • CLICK “See previous responses” when finished—Copy the URL
  • Claim Your BYOD Certification by pasting the “See previous responses” URL in assignment 3 on Edmodo. (Turn In)


BYOT Protocol Preview

Essential Questions:

  • What should be covered in the school personal device protocol?
  • What minimum issues should be addressed in classroom procedures?
  • What does the teacher survey look like?
  • What will the student survey look like?



  • Review your submissions for assignments 1+2 on Edmodo.
  • Choose one section of  Proposed School Protocol to review. Make suggestions for the protocol as needed
  • Jigsaw information on the School Protocol

Work Session:

  1. Preview Teacher Survey (Assignment 3). Make comments and or suggestions.
  2. Preview BYOT Student Survey. Make comments or suggestions.
  3. Share ideas for classroom procedures, digital citizenship lessons, using digital tools.
  4. Plan for students to work in pairs or small groups.
  5. Try to access student survey from a cell phone.



Write one new idea or clarification and any questions or concerns you still have.

Edmodo for PLC’s


Essential Questions:

edmodologo_blueWhat is a learning Management System (LMS)?
What functions of Edmodo support PLC’s?



  1. Create an Edmodo account
  2. Join Beach HS group
  3. Practice taking a poll, commenting, turning in an assignment, and taking a quiz
  4. SM Groups: Discuss using Edmodo for PD regarding
    • Functions
    • Benefits
    • Challenges + proposed solution


WRAPUP3Share out work session. Choose & answer 1 question below before you go.

Why is an LMS important in teaching & learning?
How can a LMS be applied to my teaching & learning?
What components of a LMS can impact my teaching & learning
If I utilize a LMS in my teaching & learning what changes might occur?